Lee Youngho

Space Between Us / Avoir à distance     
I explore what we look at and what we experience through things adhered to the surface of an object. In my practice I suggest how we remember them. I am interested in all sorts of temporary forms that are positioned at the boundary between materiality and immateriality. The term temporary existence means objects that will disappear by the passage of physical time or stages in the process of change. My work visualizes this temporality and the moments these impermanent presences have through my personal investigation on fluid and living images, L’Image et du vivant. I focus on the surface of objects and their invisible other sides. The process of sensing these objects is based on various research projects. Reality and fiction sometimes overlap, or continue other stories that divide into several parts at the same time. My work starts from the nature of these objects that I observe, their environments, and the moment I face them. This takes place through my eco-biological analysis and my surroundings that are made up of these objects.

Body and Objects

In my first project ‘Objects in View Are the Outer Fabric of Invisible Clothes’, I found a roundabout route. When it comes to the ‘body, objects and events’, I collected objects, deconstructed, and reassembled them. I then found the invisible landscape that we can experience directly with our bodies. In this way, I visualize my perspective on space with both painting and installation.

Revealing the Hidden Side / Interprète

The term ‘Interprète’ suggests a revealing of the hidden side of the Latin language. This can be interpreted in many other ways than simply translating, interpreting and intermediary of the dictionary definition. I borrow the verbal meaning of rising to the surface, having no visible, or revealing of the other side. By drawing attention to invisible aspects, I investigate another method for a sense of physical distance in terms of time. ‘Seeing’ means practically seeing the skins of objects, but also the whole of the objects beyond the skins. My work shows derived possibilities from different views by the audiences, having the original concept of ‘Trans- Transformer’ as a basic direction. It plays the role of a bridge between the points of contact, while keeping a distance among the different  works. ‘Seeing’ is being the action of keeping a distance. In this context, ‘keeping a distance’ is more like visuality than a tactile sensation. Since painting is ‘looking’ which had been the art made by touch, the action ‘looking’ requires you to keep your distance. I lead my audiences to overlap their mind with their eyes on the plane. Like looking adhered to the surface, this is not however, stationary.

자연화 하는 자연 Nature Naturante 2016 / 2019 _   1︎     2︎

녹색광선 Rayon Vert 2018 / 2021 ︎

거리를 두고 있는 접촉 Avoir à distance (FR) _ Space Between Us (EN) ︎

감춰진 것을 드러내는 Interprète / 매개자 (2013-2016) ︎

애매한 풍경 2010 / Rechercher Projet ︎

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